“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” – BKS Iyengar.

My guruji’s words resonate with me as I practice yoga with the goal of healing mind, body and spirit. Twenty years ago, I began my journey at the B.K.S Iyengar institute in Bombay, India. As a young girl of twelve I thrived on the challenges of performing difficult physical asanas and enjoyed the unique joy that emanates from the heart when mind and body are in union.

Yoga for me is a practice of healing the mind through the body, and so I decided to pursue a Masters in Public Health at Columbia University. My degree deepened my belief that many of the world’s physical and emotional diseases can be cured with Yoga, Ayurveda and other holistic practices. However, it was not until my mother’s passing and having to face many challenges that my appreciation for yoga deepened. This experience made me understand how closely the body, mind and spirit are connected and how influencing one of these three affects the other.

To deepen my knowledge of holistic healing practices, I undertook a teacher’s training course at OM Factory in New York and studied Ayurveda. I quit my job in healthcare advertising and dedicated myself to sharing the joy of breadth and movement with my fellow practitioners. I feel privileged to guide students on their individual journey of finding joy and self-awareness through breadth and movement and enabling their self empowerment.



– Privates
– Group classes



Vinyasa Yoga at Omfactory, 300 hours, NY (2013)
Aerial Yoga at Omfactory NY (2013)
Radiant Child Yoga with Shakta Khalsa NY (2014)



All my life I’d heard of the benefits of doing Yoga but hadn’t actually gotten down to practicing this art. After suffering from bouts of panic attacks two years ago – I decided to take private lessons and work on my breath. Ratna was working at a yoga studio called Om Factory at that time. Fortunately for me, she was able to find some time in her packed schedule and hence we started practicing three times a week..read more

– Shruti Menon


Firstly, be very clear what this class will do to your weekends. Friday night benders, ski trips, hiking, weekend getaways and sleeping in late, will all be forgone, along with all else that interferes with the weekly Yoga fix.
Now that the alarm has been sounded, here is why yoga with Ratna, while as addictive, is better than any recreational consumable now available freely in the great state of Colorado..read more

– Mark Aranha


I actually approached Ratna for private lessons after observing her interactions with her students from her group class. They all were very fond of her and she just gave off a very genuine and personable vibe.I am constantly on the go. Both physically and mentally I feel exhausted and stressed. So I needed to address those two areas and I felt I could achieve that with private session yoga.Prior to meeting with Ratna, I had tried yoga in a group setting..read more

– Mital Patel