All my life I’d heard of the benefits of doing Yoga but hadn’t actually gotten down to practicing this art. After suffering from bouts of panic attacks two years ago – I decided to take private lessons and work on my breath. Ratna was working at a yoga studio called Om Factory at that time. Fortunately for me,she was able to find some time in her packed schedule and hence we started practicing three times a week.

Through her conscientious effort and sincere devotion, she piloted me though a rather tough phase in my life. Through yoga she literally helped turn my anxiety into something constructive and purposeful. Her biggest forte being her zest for life and limitless positive energy. This helped transform my perspective and I began to emulate a more positive outlook on life itself. The advantage of private classes was that she gave me undivided attention and this helped me, practice the various asanas at my own pace with full understanding. Ratna would be very observant and correct my poses from time to time – she quickly gauged that I was a visual learner (left brain vs right brain) and started off by demonstrating the tough poses herself breaking them down into bite size pieces which were easy to understand. The environment while practicing yoga was kept challenging and fresh so as to enthuse the learner and provide maximum benefit. There were days she encouraged me to push my limits, even though I resisted. We recited mantras at the beginning of each class and thereafter got into the flow of the exercise regime. As they say consistent effort bears fruit and the result in my case was a calm mind and more focused energy.

You may ask why Ratna over any other Yoga instructor? She makes learning fun and interactive in an easy and approachable way. Whether it’s breaking into a foxtrot to infuse energy into a session, or performing an impromptu headstand she has the ability to make you feel less self-conscious, thereby making you more confident in trying out new poses. Anyone who’s seeking a holistic yoga experience, one that is both physically as well as spiritually fulfilling would be wise to train under her.

Shruti Menon



Firstly, be very clear what this class will do to your weekends. Friday night benders, ski trips, hiking, weekend getaways and sleeping in late, will all be forgone, along with all else that interferes with the weekly Yoga fix.
Now that the alarm has been sounded, here is why yoga with Ratna, while as addictive, is better than any recreational consumable now available freely in the great state of Colorado.
There are a couple of things that Ratna manages to pull off, valuable in my experience with receiving Yoga instruction.

Firstly, her engagement with the class is at just the right level, as Goldilocks might appreciate. At some point, too much monologue and visualization can get distracting, when the focus should be on getting to that deep awareness of body and breath. On the other hand, too little, or too rote, and you might as well be doing Yoga at home with a YouTube video! Thoughtful instruction, at just the right moment.

The other thing is that she appears to quickly assess abilities and structure a set that allows room for both novice and more experienced students to explore asana boundaries. All this while emphasizing breath, an un-rushed pace and safety. If a class of diverse abilities are all satisfied, then credit must go to the instructor for encouraging the right attitude to the practice.

Now that we have proven that there is no better way to spend a Saturday morning, put down that bong and take up your mat, take a deep hit of oxygen and let your up and down be only of the canine kind!

Mark Aranha



I actually approached Ratna for private lessons after observing her interactions with her students from her group class. They all were very fond of her and she just gave off a very genuine and personable vibe.I am constantly on the go. Both physically and mentally I feel exhausted and stressed. So I needed to address those two areas and I felt I could achieve that with private session yoga.Prior to meeting with Ratna, I had tried yoga in a group setting. However, everyone in the group was at a different level so I felt I was not getting the most out of the class nor was I getting the individual attention for my body and mind. I have truly benefitted from working with Ratna because she is an extremely knowledgeable person. She has a very holistic approach when it comes to the mind, body, and soul and she truly caters to the individual.

Since starting yoga with Ratna, I have noticed many changes in my body – I feel less tired and less fatigued and definitely feel more relaxed. I treat my body better by eating a more nutritious meal. She has taught me the power of breathing and controlling my breathing so that alone does wonders for my stress levels.The most significant improvements that have resulted from working with her is that I take better care of myself because Ratna provides constant encouragement and motivation to do so and I have learned to better manage the everyday stresses of life.

For me, the individual care and attention I get from Ratna is top notch. She truly gets to know you first as an individual. She really listens to you. She understands the notion of a complete you and what comprises of your life. She advises you on so many levels that you know you are getting all that you can from her to the most of your benefit.If you are looking for a very individualized long-term yoga teacher-student relationship, I highly recommend Ratna. She will truly work with you for the long-haul. She is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable person. If you are on the fence as to whether or not she is a good match for you and your needs, I would say meet her at least once and talk to her. She’s very easy to talk to – it is as if you are speaking with an old friend. She’s very approachable and open-minded. I think you will not be disappointed and in fact will look forward to your next session with her.

Mital Patel